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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price to rent the barn?

The weekend rental package is $2,500 (including tax).


Is a deposit required?

A $500 deposit is required to be paid to hold The Fair View Barn for your date along with a signed contract.  

What is included in the weekend package?

The wedding party can come in Friday morning at 9:00 am to spend the day setting up, Saturday all day for the ceremony/reception, and Sunday morning (until 2:00 pm) to clean up. The space is yours for the weekend - feel free to have your rehearsal and dinner here on Friday night as well as a brunch and/or to open gifts on Sunday morning if you would like. This includes a kitchen, bathrooms, and two additional rooms for dressing in addition to the bathrooms.


How many people can the barn hold?

The Fair View Barn can accommodate 350 guests at one time.


Does The Fair View Barn offer catering service?​

We do not offer any food service or product; however, we can recommend a few local caterers for you to choose from.


Can we use our own caterers?​

Absolutely! We even have a separate door specifically for caterers which opens directly into the kitchen. We do require the caterers to enter through this door.


Is there a kitchen that the caterers can use to prepare the food?

There is a full kitchen with a range, refrigerator, two sinks, vast countertops, and a chest freezer.


Are tables and chairs included in the rental price?

Yes, we have round tables and chairs that you can use for your guests as well as longer banquet tables for the if you would prefer for the cake table, head table, and food tables.


Will the tables be set up for us?

No, the building is a blank slate for the wedding party to set up as they would like to see it.  The tables and chairs are on carts for ease of moving to set them up where you would like them.

How many tables and chairs are there?

There are 14 - 5' rounds, 22 - 8' rectangles.  We have approximately 315 chairs. 

Does the barn have tablecloths and chair covers?

We do not have tablecloths or chair covers at this time.


May we use large props in the building for decoration?

Yes, however, we do require all large items to enter through the garage doors on the west side of the building and enter the ballroom through the storage area.


May we decorate the barn and are there any decoration restrictions?

You may definitely decorate the barn.  There are a couple of things we do not allow in order to keep the barn beautiful.  No tape is allowed on the walls or woodwork.  All photos, plaques, and wall décor already hung in the facility must remain hanging. No real candles. 


May we bring in our own alcohol?

Yes! The Fair View Barn does not offer any alcohol services at this time so any alcohol you would want on the premises must be provided by you.


​May we light real candles in the barn during the ceremony and/or the reception?

No, real candles are not allowed in the barn. Electric tealight candles or battery candles are welcome!


Do we have to clean up the barn after our event?

Yes, you are responsible for leaving the facility as you found it.  Tables and chairs are to be placed back on the racks and put back in the store room, floors swept, any spills cleaned up, and the kitchen cleaned.  Brooms and cleaning supplies are provided.


Is Wi-Fi available?

Yes, we do have Wi-fi in the building and will give the code along with the key code for the door.


Are pets allowed?

No pets are allowed in the building.


Is there lodging in the area?

Yes, there are hotels in Fairfield, Bloomfield, and in Keosauqua.  There are also many Bed & Breakfasts as well as cabins to rent in the area.


Is there a cleaning fee for the venue?

No, but we do have a small to-do list posted at the venue and with the contract that you will need to complete before leaving The Fair View Barn. 


May I come to look at the barn before I decide whether I want to book an event or not?

Absolutely!  To set up a tour, please call us at 641-680-0026 or email us at If you have already been to see the barn, feel free to come back for another tour any time!


When is payment to be made?

A $500 deposit is required to be paid to hold The Fair View Barn for your date along with a signed contract.  The rental of $2,500 must be paid no later than two weeks prior to your event to receive your key code for the barn. 

Do I get my deposit back?

The deposit will be returned to the renter upon inspection of the facility after the rental agreement has ended as long as the renter has abided by these policies and no damage has occurred. If any damage by the renter has occurred or additional maintenance is required, the balance of the deposit will be returned less the cost of repairs or additional maintenance required.  

Will I get my deposit back if I cancel my reservation?

No. The deposit is nonrefundable in the event of a cancellation due to the loss of other potential rental agreements while holding the facility for your event. 

May I make payments?

Yes, as long as your balance is paid in full two weeks prior to your event.

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